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We are Platon Finance

Platon Finance is the ecosystem that connects the digital crypto-world with the real one. Thanks to our main part of the system, the Platon Club, we are focusing on people who do not know anything about the cryptocurrency. We launched the membership-based platform that gives them possibility to simply learn what the crypto is and how to use it.

We are not an ICO project. We chose our own path which appears to be the right one.

Crypto-world: problems and solutions

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies is the new technology that brings a lot of opportunities in improving the industry and economics. Unfortunately, with the new technology come the issues which reduce trust and spread fear about it.

In Platon Finance, we focused on these problems and came up with the solutions that not just solve the issues, but also brings much more benefits such as apps and products, so the crypto-world would be a part of our everyday life.

Usability of cryptocurrencies


For most of the people, it is difficult to understand and use cryptocurrencies.

Our solution

Platon Club, a platform to study, buy, pay and use cryptocurrencies efficiently.

Trust in the new technology


There is not much trust in crypto because of the potential cyber-attacks and thefts.

Our solution

Platon Insurance, the first crypto-insurance that secure your assets up to 500k. EUR

Security of the applications


Blockchain apps suffer from lack of security and precaution against cyber attacks.

Our solution

To secure our platform and apps, we use the latest Symantec technologies.

Adoption of the crypto in everyday life


Adoption of cryptocurrencies, for example as payment method, is too low.

Our solution

Platon B2B/B2C platform will give you possibility to adopt the cryptocurrencies.

Our vision is to develop blockchain-based ecosystem which <b>connects easy-to-use applications, tools and products into one network,</b> so people across the world could simply learn the new technology, adapt it and use it whenever and wherever they could.

That is why we designed the ecosystem based on Platon Club

Platon Ecosystem

The ecosystem is based on the products which create the fundamental value of PlatonCoin. Our main product is Platon Club, the heart of our ecosystem. It is a membership-based platform that connects the crypto-world with people who do not understand the crypto, yet. Thanks to our Platon Club and its learning system, the people will be able to adopt cryptocurrencies and join the digital world.

Platon Ecosystem

Usability of cryptocurrencies

Platon Club

It is a unique platform, the flagship of our ecosystem, where we educate people about blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Most of the people does not know anything about the crypto, so we bring you solution where you can learn to understand it by our e-learning system.

Thanks to the Platon Club, you can also easily use the cryptocoins, trade them, earn PlatonCoins just by inviting people to your community, participate in different innovative or charity projects, and many more. Club is based on membership and developed for everybody.

Why Platon Club?

The club is not just a platform. It is a family you should be a part of, because you can...

Learn to use crypto

We focus on teaching people how to understand and use cryptocurrencies by e-learning. Our learning system is simple 3-level academy based on your knowledge.

Manage your assets

Platon Wallet, our own digital wallet solution, is one of the Platon Club apps, so you can manage all of your cryptocurrencies via one application.

Browse latest news

The right information is the main key to success in this world. That is why we bring you fresh and important news in our club platform.

Buy/Sell cryptocurrencies

Thanks to our business partners, the club provides you the possibility to buy or sell cryptocurrencies for fiat money via credit/debit cards.

Share club - earn coins

Our referral program gives you opportunity to create a passive income in PlatonCoins just by inviting your friends and new people to the club.

Create your community

The friends you invite become part of small social club. You can follow their activity, share your thoughts and chat with them.

Use Platon Cards

Currently, the adoption of crypto-assets is too low. With our payment cards, you shall use cryptocurrencies wherever you want.

Trade on exchanges

In Platon Club, you can trade your assets on partnered exchanges or use our trading bot, so you do not need to spend your time and passively earn profits.

Support projects

We actively support different projects from innovative IT to charity ones. In Platon Club, you have possibility to join us and participate on projects you choose.

Trust in the new technology

Platon insurance

Trust is one of the most important things we can give or get. In crypto, a lot of bad news and events happened so the trust to the technology is difficult to give. In Platon Finance, we are proud that we bring you unique solution which helps you start to believe in the cryptocurrencies.

The first cryptocurrency insurance in the world provided by Syndicate of Lloyds represented by our partner Anderson.

Our insurance will be based on Smart Contract technology. Once the terms of the contract are met, the contract will be sent to blockchain and can not be overwritten or changed. This will provide safety and transparency for both contract sides.

How it works?

Just like the whole ecosystem, the insurance will be easy-to-get. Four steps and all your assets will be insured up to 500k. EUR:


Insurance request

The client will fill up the request form in his wallet and send it to the insurance company. All important details from request will be written into the insurance (smart) contract.


Request Acceptation

The insurance company will receive request form and accepts it. The acceptation will be written into contract and clients receives update of the status of his form.


Fee payment*

The fee will be automatically charged by the contract right after the client receives acceptation status. Fee will be sent to the contract.


Insurance Providing

All contract conditions will met, so the contract will be closed and published to the blockchain. The fee will be sent to Platon Finance. Fee for the insurance company will be paid by Platon Finance.

*The fee amount will be 3.5% of the total value of crypto-assets the client wants to insure and it is charged annually.


Security of the applications

Security is our priority

The security is one of the most discussed and sensitive topics in crypto-world. A big amount of cyber-thefts have happened, almost $1 billion in cryptocurrencies has been stolen in 2018. That is the reason why we chose to cooperate with one of the best cyber-security professionals in the world, the Symantec corporation.

In Platon Finance we implement the latest security features that are as the most effective as it is possible. Together with Symantec, we are able to focus on researching new cyber-security possibilities and improving the safety of our platforms, applications and tools.


Symantec Endpoint Protection

The SEP product is a protection for different kind of devices. Soon, it will be available to buy SEP with PlatonCoins.

Symantec VIP Manager

It is a two factor authentication so nobody could access your crypto-assets without the authentication key.

Symantec CCS

Symantec Control Compliance Suite is the vulnerability, risk and hardening management software solution designed to control and protect our servers.

Symantec latest technologies combined with other powerful security features puts the safety of your assets on a higher level and decrease the risk of potential cyber-crime as low as it is possible. However, we are regularly innovating and upgrading our security.

Adoption of the crypto in everyday life

B2B/B2C platform

Cryptocurrencies are the next step in money digitization. Currently, there are not many options to efficiently use crypto-assets as a payment method for example. The adoption of cryptocoins is too low, but it is time to do something with it. And that is what we do. We are working on B2B/B2C solution so the retail shops or companies could simply accept the PlatonCoin as a payment method for their goods and services.

Imagine that you could pay your invoices and bills with crypto-assets? Our B2B/B2C platform makes it possible.

The platform scheme

Currently, we are finishing the concept of the platform scheme. We will upload it here as soon as possible.

Want to buy property?

Cryptocurrencies are virtual money that do not have any fundamental value. You can buy them, trade them, sell them, but what else? Why would people want to use "the new money" when they do not have the opportunities to buy something with it? Companies or retailers scarily accept the new payment methods, especially when it comes to crypto. But that is going to change.

In Platon Finance, we believe, that everything is possible if you are too brave to achieve it. And we did it. In following months, we give you an opportunity to buy a real estate properties with PlatonCoin. One of our great business partners became the OPISAS real estate company.


Together with OPISAS, we are developing a solution based on Smart Contract technology, to invest or buy properties via the Platon Club. And thanks to the Smart Contract, you can be sure that your investment is real, safe and transparent. So, do not hesitate and become a member of our amazing family.

Our token, PlatonCoin

PlatonCoin is the main cryptocurrency of the Platon Finance. It allows you to enjoy all the platforms, applications, products and services of the ecosystem and use it at our selected partners. PlatonCoin is an ERC-20 Token based on Ethereum blockchain.

Token overview

Ticker: PLTC
Type: ERC-20
Blockchain: Ethereum
Total Supply: 21,000,000 PLTC
Circulating Supply: PLTC
PlatonCoin on EtherScan Check the Smart Contract

Roadmap of our success

Platon Finance is ambitious project, and we're up to the task. Our journey began in July 2017 and since then we have gone a looong way. Below, you'd see what we've already achieved and what we hope to accomplish over the next approximately 12 months. We value transparency and accountability, so let us apologize us for some possible changes in our development plan which may occur.

  • Idea of creating the new world in form of the club community
  • Transforming the idea into blockchain technology
Aug, 2017
  • The Platon Finance project launch
Oct, 2017
  • Platon Finance website launch
Oct, 2017
  • Draft of Platon Club & Wallet
  • Draft of the ecosystem security
  • Platon Club website launch
Nov, 2017
  • Beginning of development
  • Beginning of Marketing and PR
Q1, 2018
  • Platon Club & Wallet release
  • Partnership with Symantec
  • Partnership with Anderson
  • Draft of cryptocurrency insurance
Jan, 2018
  • Platon Wallet private alpha test release
Feb, 2018
  • Platon Club private alpha test release
Q2, 2018
  • Restructuring of the team
  • Launch of PlatonCoin
  • Start of private-sale
  • Partnership with Prepaid Solutions
  • Draft of Platon payment cards
Q3, 2018
  • Platon Wallet beta test release
  • Platon Club beta test release
  • Partnership with EST Capital
  • Moving headquarters to Prague
Q4, 2018
  • First press conference
  • Listing on the first exchange
  • Partnership with OPISAS
  • PlatonCoin public sale
  • Draft of B2B/B2C platform
Q1, 2019
  • Platon Wallet launch
  • Platon Club launch
  • Listing on another exchanges
  • Partnership with iDenfy
Q2, 2019
  • Platon Club & Wallet new features, updates and improvements
  • Platon Insurance release
  • Investing and Buying properties with PLTC via OPISAS
  • Buying Symantec Endpoint Protection application with PLTC
Q3, 2019
  • Platon cards release
  • Release of products and applications for adoption of PLTC
Q4, 2019
  • Platon Club & Wallet new features, updates and improvements
  • Platon Blockchain release
  • More products and apps for PLTC adoption

Meet our team

We are an international team based in the heart of cryptocurrency in Europe, Prague. Our team is formed by ambitious people who want to create the future and help in building our fascinating project. Below, you can meet and read about the project founders, the core team and our advisors.


daniel tanner

Daniel Tanner

Co-founder & CEO

Daniel Tanner is an entrepreneur with more than fifteen years of experiences in managing different types of companies in IT or HR. In September 2017, together with his wife Julie, he founded the Platon Finance project and started this amazing journey.

julie tanner

Julie Tanner

Co-founder & COO

Julie Tanner is co-founder of our unique project. She has enormous experiences in public relations, communication, marketing and at last but not least human resources. Her managing skills and sense for the success lead us forward to our goals.

Core team

maros khula

Maros Khula

Product & Project Manager

vladimir michna

Vladimir Michna

PR Manager

vladimir michna

Adithya Thota

Marketing Manager


Alfred Paulovic

Alfred Paulovic

Insurance Advisor

Alfred in 1994 founded his company Anderson, which became one of the leaders in insurance and financial intermediation in Slovakia and Czechia. His more than 20 years of experience help us in providing the first crypto-insurance in the world.

Aravinda Babu

Aravinda Babu

Blockchain Advisor

Aravinda is a Senior Software Engineer with over 17 years of experience in systems and application programming. Together with our team, he cooperate on developing of our own blockchain, Smart Contract solutions and blockchain applications.

Lucas Cervigni

Lucas Cervigni

International Business Advisor

Lucas is one of the TV hosts of New Economies show together with his business partner, Alice Hlidkova. He is one of the 50 most influential people in blockchain. Lucas helps us with international business and relations development.

Sindhu Bhaskar

Sindhu Bhaskar

Blockchain Banking Advisor

Sindhu is highly experienced banker with more than 30 years in the banking world. Now, he applies his knowledge in the crypto-world with his EST Capital company and together with Platon Finance we bring the new era of finances, the blockchain banking.

Alexander Chevtaev

Alexander Chevtaev

Product Development Advisor

Alex has more than 10 years experience in launching innovative products, startups and business development. He is one of the top blockchain advisors regarding to his participation in many blockchain projects. Alex helped us to set up the right products.

Alexander Kernasevic

Alexander Kernasevic

Marketing Advisor & MOZAYC Founder

Alexander is one of the founders of innovating e-commerce platform called MOZAYC. Together with his experiences in marketing and e-commerce area, we are working on the B2B/B2C solution so our partners can simply adopt cryptocurrencies as payment method.

Alexander Kernasevic

Johnny Hoang

Global Strategy Advisor

Johnny Hoang is an entrepreneur, Founder/CEO of BitRizon LLC, a blockchain consulting agency, specialize in exchange strategy, partnerships. He began his career as premier banker, management, well recognized in the mortgage financial group at Wells Fargo Bank and JP Morgan Chase for over one decade.

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